Nells Old Fashion Recipes

 Welcome to my Kitchen!

The purpose of my website is to keep old recipes alive by passing them on to those that love to cook.  With the way of the economy today we all have to watch our pennies and when you cook from scratch, you know exactly what your family is eating.

The purpose of "Ready Made" boxes was to save time.  Of course your paying someone to compile the ingredients and include preservatives for a longer shelf life in stores.  For a box of Cake Mix, you could almost buy a 5 pound bag of flour which can be used for many other things!

Also let me add that cooking from scratch makes things taste better, reduces costs and doesn't take too much additional time.  So if your new to cooking or an experienced cook, go to my Facebook page and check out some these "Tried and True" old fashion recipes.  Y'all like what you taste.