Nells Old Fashion Recipes

ABOUT Nells Old Fashion Recipes 

 We are from rural Western Kentucky.  If your not aware of the demographics of that area, let me tell you.  Western Kentucky has always been rich in agriculture.  Most people that settled there were farmers.  Later came the coal mines.  The economy has always been rough so we made the best of what we had.  To my husband, southern country cooking is the best because we flavor everything using basic ingredients and spices that we had on hand.  Flavoring has always been a big thing for our tired and hungry families.  You'll find that my recipes never use margarine, only real butter, let me tell you why.  Did you know that margarine is only one molecule off of plastic!  Set out a stick of margarine and you'll notice that flies and ants won't even eat it.  If they won't neither will my family.  Oh and when I cook a pot of beans I use some type of pork fat, bacon or ham hocks.  Of coarse salt and black pepper without even mentioning!

After my husband retired with 30 years in law enforcement, we relocated to south eastern Georgia along the Atlantic Coast.  In fact, just south of Savannah.  We enjoy old traditions and this part of the United States are rich with them.  Since the children have left the nest, I decided to pass these old fashion recipes on to you.  If you haven't found me on Facebook yet do a search and you'll find a bunch that I've already posted.  Remember that cooking and family meals create memories.  I love reading the comments after I've posted a recipe.  A lot of people will remark "That reminds me of this dish my Grandmother use to make".  And now these people are making those memories for there children and grandchildren.  I can't help but smile knowing that the recipes are back where they are suppose to be.

Love y'all.  Have a good time and enjoy,